• We provide in-depth expertise in key sectors and industries including: Private Sector, Public Sector and Not-For-Profit Organizations.
  • We help develop solutions with measurable results based on rich, up-to-date intellectual capital.
  • We have over 20 years of consulting experience across the globe with focus on Canada, the US and Europe.


  • We take the time to fully understand your organization: its values, needs and  desired outcomes;
  • We develop unique, practical solutions (in five key functional services) for your problems, new opportunities performance improvement;
  • We ensure our work leads to sustainable solutions, which are integrated into your day-to-day operation, and your people will be equipped to do.


  • We listen and work closely with you;
  • We interactively engage with your staff to develop unique solutions and to successfully implement them to realize required change and benefits;
  • We work with you to transfer knowledge and train /equip your staff.


  • We ensure absolute confidentiality;
  • We don’t do projects for you, we engage with you (before, during and after the actual duration of the engagement);
  • We ensure that, after the work is done and we leave, real results, equipped staff and intellectual capital keep working.


Gamps Consulting Services

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