Business Strategy and Planning

Designing a workable and achievable plan to lead and guide your organization’s success

GCS ensures that your strategy and plans translate into measurable operational results, defining clear directions for all operations and business units/departments. We pursue a participative approach to business planning to ensure management engagement and buy-in to the new direction.

Business Strategy and Planning

We assist to develop your plan based on our thorough understanding of your (competitive) environment, new opportunities and with our vast, global and national experience.

Our planning services include: 
  • Strategic and Business Planning;

  • Corporate Strategy and Capability Assessment:

    • Strategy and Performance Assessment;
    •  Strategic Planning Process Review;
    •  Environmental Scans and Scenario Building;
    •  Alignment of Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives.
  •  Strategic and Business Planning;

  •  Development of Operational Strategies and Plans (marketing, sales, operations, finance, knowledge & learning, human resources);

  •  Customer Relationship Management Strategy;

  •  Small and Medium Enterprise Business Plan Development (incl. cost-benefit analysis);

  •  Business Plans and Performance Management and Measurement.

Organizational Design, Development and Effectiveness

Designing for superior organizational performance and effectiveness

GCS has built a core competency and expertise in organizational design and development. We focus on aligning the developed strategy with your overall structure. We ensure the design of a new organization as well as other elements of organization performance such as: environmental change, culture, leadership, people, skills and competencies, processes, business policies and practices. In addition, superior performance is only possible if staff have clearly defined roles, responsibilities and accountabilities for deliverables and measurable results.


Our organizational design services include:
  • Organization Strategy and Capability Assessment and Improvement:

    • Strategic Capability Assessment and Improvement;

    • Organizational Performance Improvement.

  • Corporate and Organization Governance (Board) and Structures
  • Development of Organization Structures and Processes:

    • Leadership and Strategic (high) Level Organizational Design;

    • Operational (divisional) Level Organizational Design;

    • Unit level and Client-facing/Frontline Design;

    • Unit, Group and Individual Accountabilities (Balanced Scorecard) Framework, Roles and Responsibilities Design;

  • Development of Group and Individual Position Profiles and Individual Performance Management and Reporting Requirements.

  • Development of Alignment and Transition Strategy.

  • Migration Path, Change Management and Implementation Plan.

Enterprise Information, Knowledge Management & Learning

Enabling business strategy implementation and decision-making through the right information/knowledge management strategy and plan.

At GCS we adopt a comprehensive approach to Enterprise Information and Knowledge Management & Learning. We ensure that the right knowledge, content, processes, systems and skills are in place and aligned across the entire organization to support effective strategy implementation, business plan execution, decision-making and operational effectiveness.

Our comprehensive services include:
  • Enterprise Information and Knowledge Management & Learning Vision and Strategy Development, including the

    • Development a prioritized long-, medium- and short-term Learning Strategy Execution Plan, including cost-benefit analyses and individual initiative profiles.

  • Design of Knowledge Management & Learning Structures and Processes, including Strategic, Operational Level Design, Individual Roles and Responsibilities and Knowledge Management & Learning Performance Metrics.

  • Development of Technology and Infrastructure Requirements.

  • Development of Execution, Transition and Change Management Plan.

Business Operational Improvement

Developing solid and real time operational improvements for business effectiveness and success

GCS helps to review and improve on corporate and operational performance. We ensure that all our recommendations are based on thorough corporate and business assessments including the analysis of your overall business environment and your specific organizational needs. Our methodologies include proven standardized frameworks, approaches, tools and templates as well as customized interviews, focus groups and workshops.

Our Operational Improvement services include:
  • Business Processes Analysis and Improvement:

    • Corporate Functional Area Processes, such as Marketing, Sales, Production, Finance, HR,…;

    • Business Unit Operations and Processes;

    • Geographic Area Operations and Processes.

  • Leadership Assessment and Improvement.

  • Industry Benchmarking and Best Practices Analysis.

  • Operational Analysis and Improvement of Business Metrics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • Development of Management System and Key Business Performance Drivers.

Business Transformation and Change Management

Implementing business improvement and transformation initiatives to achieve real, measurable results

Strategic plans, comprehensive operational improvement initiatives, organizational (re-) designs, knowledge and learning strategies, and change initiatives are only as good as they achieve lasting, measurable business impact and results. Through our overall effective change and “people” management approach, GCS ensures that our recommendations and suggestions for business improvements do exactly what they promise – achieve business results.

Our services to accomplish this include:
  • Operational, Organizational and People Alignment Plan.

  • Transition  and Migration Strategy and Implementation Plan Development.

  • Staff Engagement, Communication and Change Management.

  • Implementation Coaching and Training.


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